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Where to buy your crypto?

The following platforms offer amazing deals for new users. You can easliy create accounts with these cryptocurrency sellers that offer a wide variety of payment methods and wallets to keep your coins and tokens safe.

What to buy?

There are thousands of cryptocurrency projects. All claiming to be the best, to be the next Bitcoin. However, the truth is 99% of all cryptocurrencies are not worth your investment. The remaining 1% - which is still around 60 cryptocurrencies - could be interesting depending on your investment strategy and the timeframe you set for the investment to show returns. It's always a good idea to do your research and create a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio consisting of 5 - 7 coins and/or tokens. This is a basic example of such portfolio.

Rank: 1
$11,330.89 -0.54%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 9
$0.103 -3.27%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 843
$0.0094 11.54%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 22
$17.00 -0.82%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 7
$10.61 -0.49%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Kyber Network(KNC)
Rank: 68
$0.910 -3.31%(24H Vol)
24H Chart

What is Bitcoin (BTC) doing?

History has shown the direction of the cryptocurrency market highly correlates with the sentiment of the nummer one cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Therefore it's good to keep an eye on BTC. If there is a buy signal on BTC it's likely altcoins (other coins and tokens) will follow the trend and vice versa. The technical analysis by tradingview combines many indicators per timeframe to estimate the trend.